Reflection 2

OMG, what a wonderful set of chapters. So much mystery, adventure and non-stop reading. My favourite part in these chapters was when Ky teaches Cassia how to write the first two letters of her name. Ky is the only person in the society that knows how to write and he goes ou of his way to teach Cassia. Even though Cassia was matched with Xander, I think she is starting to like Ky. She thinks about him a lot through the day and gets to see him in free rec hours for hiking. Xander deeply loves Cassia, his best friend and Cassia does love Xander back, but I don’t think it will last. I think that Ky may have a little crush on Cassia but not as much as she likes him. On the other hand, I think that Em has a little thing for Xander because she describes her match as handsome, and he looks like Xander. I absolutely love this book and I love Cassia. I can’t wait to see who end up with who?!

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