Reflection 4

IT IS OVER!!!! AHHHHHHHH. I can’t believe it. Matched was an amazing set of books and I loved it so much. My favourite character from the start is Cassia as she is such a loyal strong girl. She has been through so much and I can’t believe she chose KY. I was actually really happy because Ky is so loving and handsome. Xander is also really amazing but he just isn’t the one. As Ky was leaving, I screamed and I couldn’t believe he was going to war. I absolutely hate the official as she blamed Cassia for Ky going to fight. She is very rude and mean to Cassia when she has done nothing wrong. OMG I almost forgot, THE OFFICIALS DIDN’T PUT KY INTO THE MATCHING POOL. Who Did?? I have to read the second book now!!!!!! The book was amazing, a bit confusing at times but amazing. Ally Condie is a great Author and I think she did an amazing job writing the book. I enjoyed this book and I recommend it to others. What a wonderful story!!!!!

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